treasure each day as you can

Nhìn qua cửa sổ văn phòng, mưa vẫn lất phất bay. Từ sáng đi là đã biết hôm nay mưa suốt. Tình cờ đọc được một bài thơ đầy ý nghĩa…

In the Blink of an Eye
© Paul Holmes

Our lives are so short
Like a fly we’re caught
In a web unable to get free;
We hurry here and there
Seems there’s no time to spare
In this maelstrom of misery.

Like a half-remembered dream
Or summer mist on a stream
Our days too soon melt away.
We keep on rushing around
Feet hardly touching the ground
The rule of the clock we obey.

Too often can our days
Be cut short in many ways
That we’re left in utter despair.
So treasure each day as you can
For, so short is your life-span;
None can love you when you’re not there.



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